Gay Youth Speak Out

“I think i have been lucky because i told every 1 i was gay at the age of 15 and they all think its really cool! The only person who had a problem to start with about me being gay i think was me!
I hated my self for it and use to wish i was straight. I find it really tough still to walk down the road or watch telly and see a straight couple and wish that it was me! EVERYONE i know tells me not to be stupid but i can`t help it.”

“Not being able to change who you are. Sounds stupid, but once you learn to act one way, you can’t change it. Recognition is the other, everyone likes to be noticed :)”


“I’ve been out of the closet for about 6 months now and I can honestly say that my life has never been better. Before I came out I was totally different. Right now I’m full of confidence, but before I was the doormat that everyone walked over. I used to do everything for everyone just to make sure that people liked me. The hardest thing for me was trying to be something that I wasn’t… like going out with girls to try and convince the other boys that I wasn’t a “faggot”. Dispite the old saying, the names cut deep. The strangest thing is that now I’ve come out and I just act myself the “mickey-taking” has pretty much stopped. I’m a lot easier to get on with when I’m not trying to be something I’m not; I’m just being myself.”

“They way people look at you and see you is all different. People think you aren’t human and what you are is WRONG. So many times i have had people coming up to me and telling me that I’m WRONG for what I am. Sometimes I wonder whether they are true, but I’ve realised that they are the ones who are wrong and its them who need to understand that we are 100% NORMAL. I’ve began to accept what i am and i feel 75% better and every day i feel better about myself.”